Rave Reviews

  • Nicole Mayerhauser

    Nicole Mayerhauser

    Division Chief, Nat. Income and Wealth Dvsn., Bureau of Econ. Analysis, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
    What makes Kenny such a successful financial coach is the genuine interest he takes in his clients’ well being and his focus on making certain that his money philosophy is the right fit for each of them. I have the power to take control of my financial well being; Kenny helps me discover how to user that power.

  • George & Pam Martin

    George & Pam Martin, Entrepreneurs

    We had been living in financial darkness for so long until we met Kenneth, who finally turned the light on for us. Thank you Lord for sending him our way!

  • Mark Olesen

    Mark Olesen, MD

    I have used Kenny Porter as my wealth coach for more than 15 years, and he has helped my wife and I prepare for a financially secure retirement. In my mind, he is a candidate for the Financial Coach Hall of Fame!

  • Cara Bonawitz

    Dr. Cara Bonawitz Phlebologist

    Kenny is a dedicated professional with solid ethics and a very personalized caring approach to his client’s business.

  • John Caldwell

    John Caldwell, CPA

    Kenny is a significant influence in his industry and certainly brings the perspective of a well-rounded advisor to any of his clients. As a business owner and entrepreneur, he brings practical advice and insight. I would highly recommend Kenny.



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